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Нелинейный анализ (английский вариант)

Nonlinear analysis 

Research topics:

    Asymptotic analysis:

    • (a) General approach (Newton Polyhedra, Resolution of Singularities) 
    • (b) General asymtotical treatment of all types of equations (algebraic, ordinary differential, partial differential) 
    • (c) Applications to Hydrodynamics, Theory of mechanisms.

    Normal Form method in ordinary differential equations: 

    • (a) General (in abstract settings) 
    • (b) Applications in Celestial Mechanics 
    • (c) Applications in Quantum Mechanics 
    • (d) Small denominators

    Algorithms of Nonlinear Analysis: 

    • (a) Normal Form computation
    • (b) Newton Polyhedron computation
    • (c) ODE integration in singular case with use of a regularization

    Integrability and Chaos

    Software development: 

    • (a) Specialized Polynomial Algebra system for use in the Normal Form calculation, especially in connection with the 16-th Hilbert Problem.
    • (b) Program for calculating Newton Polyhedra

Contact us:

Alexander D. BRUNO (1,2(a,b,d),3,5(a,b)) bruno@spp.keldysh.ru, bruno@applmat.msk.su

Alexander B. ARANSON (3(b),5(b)) aranson@spp.keldysh.ru

Victor P. VARIN (2(a,b),3(c)) varin@spp.keldysh.ru, varin@applmat.msk.su

Lev D. PUSTYLNIKOV (2(a,c,d),4) lpustyln@spp.keldysh.ru

Sergey Yu. SADOV (2(a,b,c),3(a),4,5(a,c)) sadov@spp.keldysh.ru


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